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What is a Thermal Horse Wrap?

The Thermal Horse Wrap has the warmth of 2-3 traditional blankets or rugs. Nothing is more effective in retaining body heat, providing superior heat retention and stretch which can support and treat injuries and reduce the chance of injury reccurence.

Lightweight and breathable with no buckles or lep straps, the Thermal Horse Wrap is secure, easy to put on and easy to maintain.

By utilising natural body heat, Boastful Horse's Wrap will help your horse maintain it's condition and fitness throughout the cooler months. Its durability and washability make it very low maintenance. As well as that, the Thermal Horse Wrap is waterproof.

There is nothing like Boastful Horse's Wrap for comfort, compression and design. The contour construction provides proper fit and support and the edges and seams are sealed for durability.

Utilising the verstility and flexability of Neoprene, the Thermal Horse Wrap has a sleek and athletic appearance whilst giving your horse maximum comfort and support. By maintaining body heat and a comfortable level of compression, this therapeutic support is ideal for the relief of rheumatic and arthritic pain, as well as quicker muscle tissue repair.